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Frequent asked questions - FAQ

All of our rental hoses come with a valid certificate. Additionally, the hoses 

are regularly serviced and retested after each rental. Because you can rent our hoses without any risk to yourself, you always have the best hose according to the latest standards, at a competitive price. This way, your hose assembly will always be up to date and you will limit the risk of any possible accidents. We invoice on a weekly basis, so you can spread the costs over the entire rental period. By renting from us, you are also helping the environment because our rental solutions extend the life and therefore the sustainability of our flexible fittings.

In addition to our standard product range, we can offer many other solutions on request. Due to the close cooperation with Mees van den Brink, all hoses with the required couplings can be assembled and rented from stock.

At Flowmasters you can rent equipment for one day, although it is more economical to rent for a longer period. In addition to rental solutions, we can also take care of the entire hose management, so that you don’t have to worry about it and always have the highest quality hose assemblies.

 If required, we can carry out the installation of your hose assemblies.

Yes, we also sell hoses, couplings, reducers, reducers and assemblies.

The most important things to consider are: type of liquid or gas, pressure/vacuum, temperature, length and coupling.

We are a member of SIR. All hoses are tested and certified by approved inspectors.

All our rental solutions come with a pressure test and earthing report as standard. You can easily check these by scanning the QR code that is fitted to each assembly/hose. Flowmasters' hoses are tested both before and after use so that they can be used without any risk. After all, a weakened mechanical condition can make your hose less efficient and safety is our number one priority. 

Our testing station can test hoses and assemblies up to 4200 bar.

We employ g6 certified Tig welders. We are members of HDN (Hygienic Design Network) and weld couplings according to their procedure. After this process, a clear weld is created on the inside of the coupling and the outside is machined by pickling and brushing to prevent corrosion.  

We can be contacted at any time of the day, including outside office hours, so you can always reach us in case of an emergency or incident.

All our tests are carried out according to the SIR guidelines.

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