Renting hoses without investment costs?

For a customer, we recently delivered a rush order of Saturn UPE hoses for the petrochemical sector. Within 24 hours the customer concerned had the hoses in. Flowmasters delivers the hoses tested and certified. The Saturn UPE complies with FDA 21, EC 1935/2004, EN 12115: 2011, TRbF 131 part 2 par. 5.6.

The UPE inner wall is suitable for the transport of most polar solvents and chemicals such as alcohol, aldehydes, ketones, acids and bases. In addition, the hose is ATEX certified so you can use it safely in potentially explosive environments.

Are you working on turnarounds or have an acute problem? At Flowmasters you can rent hoses for a short time without investment costs that meet the strictest requirements.

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