SIR guidelines at Flowmasters

Have you ever had a hose that was of poor quality or completely unsafe? At Flowmasters this will not happen to you, all our hoses and couplings are inspected by professional SIR certified inspectors.

Quality and safety

When you are working with hazardous liquids you need to be 100% safe. You don’t want to put your employees at risk with poor quality hoses or fittings. We at flowmasters fully agree and that’s why we provide the best quality and safety during these activities.

All our hoses and couplings are checked by SIR-approved inspectors before they are transported, this way we can be sure that we always meet the guidelines of the SIR.


The abbreviation SIR stands for Industrial Cleaning Foundation. The purpose of the SIR is to promote and regulate safe working practices in industrial cleaning. The SIR is an example of how effective self-regulation in the field of safety can be in an industry.

Working as safely as possible in industrial cleaning. To achieve this objective, the SIR is active in a number of areas. Because the SIR guidelines are unambiguous, unsafe work situations are reduced to a minimum.

The SIR is specialized in:

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Vacuum pressure cleaning
  • Technical chemical cleaning
  • Respiratory protection
  • Deployment of life support units

Would you like to rent hoses for a short or longer period and of high quality and safety? Please contact our team and we will be happy to hel

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