Do you have a temporary maritime and/or offshore project? Flowmasters can provide the solution with a wide range of hoses and couplings for ships, drilling rigs, power stations, wind farms and other offshore activities. Thanks to our parent company Mees van den Brink Group, we have more than 45 years of experience and know-how regarding industrial hoses for use in and at sea. Our robust and durable products are specially designed to perform under the most extreme conditions, and all products meet the most strict requirements so that safety for both people and the environment can be guaranteed.

We rent hoses in many varieties, assembled up to 12″. Cooling water, air, chemicals, fuel or lubricating oil for any application, our experts can advise the right product. The high wear resistance of hoses in the maritime and offshore sector is of great importance. Our products are proven to be resistant to seawater, temperature influences, ozone/uv, violent vibrations and abrasive media. Through our years of experience with shipyards and shipping companies we can advise the best products. All hoses are provided with a QR code, this allows you to view the corresponding test certificates and data sheets at any time.

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