The petrochemical sector is familiar territory for Flowmasters. Petrochemical hoses in various materials such as NBR, UPE and PTFE are frequently used when processing oil and its products.

Given the fact that this industry works with dangerous substances and high pressures and temperatures, Flowmasters has high quality hoses in its rental fleet that meet the latest requirements. In addition, the hoses are at all times provided with a valid test certificate and datasheet. These certificates are provided at the start of each project. We know the important standards, specific and industry related requirements, legislation and can therefore realize the most efficient flexible connection. The higher you value safety, the less risk you run of incidents.

Besides quality, speed is an important factor in the petrochemical industry. If a process should come to a standstill, it is necessary to limit the downtime as much as possible, because every minute that a process is at a standstill costs money. Benjamin Franklin already came up with the quote “Time is money” in 1748, which is very applicable in the case of downtime. Flowmasters’ large rental fleet and 24/7 service enable it to react quickly and ensure that the damage is limited in the event of a calamity.



Both EPDM and UPE hoses in stock. Suitable for polar solvents and chemicals.

  • The hose is fitted with Stainless Steel ANSI #150 swinging flanges.
  • Standards EN 13765, 2015 Type 1 Including Matec factory test certificate.
  • Hose is approved by Lloyds register of Shipping PTFE inner wall and a Stainless Steel AISI spiral
  • Temperature range: -30℃ to + 100℃
  • Recognized by the Lloyds Register of Shipping
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The Adara hose is often used within various branches in the industry.

  • We have this product in stock up to a diameter of 12"
  • The rubber suction and discharge hose is suitable for the transport of (dirty) water, slurry and non-aggressive liquids.
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Mercur oil and petrol hoses meet the requirements set by the Industrial Cleaning Foundation.

  • COMPOTEC® CRYOTEC hoses are designed with multiple layers of polyamide and polyester.
  • Reinforced with internal and external spiral thread in Stainless Steel
  • Standards EN 13766, 2010 IMO Gas Carrier Code Par.5.3 and 5.7 Including Matec factory test certificate.
  • Temperature range: -105℃ to +100
  • Recognized by the Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • The oil and petrol hoses comply with the standards EN 12115:2015 and EN1765
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We rent out these hoses with a single or double braid and with a stainless steel protective spiral.

  • Our Taurus® stainless steel hoses with a braided outer wall are very suitable for gaseous and liquid media that are chemically aggressive, corrosive and/or of a very low or high temperature.
  • The Taurus is equipped with a stainless steel protective spiral, which protects the outer wall of the hose.
  • The corrugated inner wall consists of stainless steel: AISI316-L, the braiding consists of stainless steel: AISI304.
  • All our stainless steel hoses meet the standards: BS 6501: Part 1: 1991 ISO 10380:2003.
  • A wide range of stainless steel hoses for rental.
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The Compotec® hoses are perfectly suited for aggressive and chemical liquids.

  • The composite hoses are light in weight, strong, very flexible, antistatic and kink resistant.

  • Compotec® composite hoses are the most flexible connections when it comes to transporting fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industry

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At Flowmasters you can rent a wide variety of gradients and accessories.

Contact us for the possibilities.

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