Flowmasters has specialist knowledge in the field of transporting chemicals through the right flexible connection.

Hoses with a chemical resistance are intended for applications with liquid chemicals such as acids and bases, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, paints and varnishes, solvents, etc.. Our experts can provide you with the right advice when it comes to chemical resistance. Here the following data are essential to collect: type of medium, is it a concentrated liquid or a composition, the temperature and working pressure. We rent out petrochemical hoses in various types of material such as EPDM, UPE, PTFE and NBR.


With all our hoses you will receive a datasheet and certificates. Here you can see all the specifications of the hose, when the hose has been inspected and how long the certificate is valid.


Like the hoses, the couplings must also be resistant to the medium to transport. The hoses can be supplied with various couplings such as Camlock, DIN/ANSI flanges and Elaflex/tank wagon couplings. If you want to connect a different coupling, we can choose the right adapter from our large range of accessories.

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