Plastic extraction and ventilation hose finished with an external polypropylene strip, seamlessly sewn for optimum flow. Suitable as extraction and/or blowing hose for hot and cold air, welding fumes, chemical vapours, etc. Supplied with spiral ends as standard, end rings available on request.

  • For each industry, product specialists
  • In-house assembly, welding and testing departments
I.D.mmW.P.BarTemp.Weight gr/mtrLength mtr
3050.35-20 +100 °C3605
3050.35-20 +100 °C36010
4080.25-20 +100 °C5107.6
5050.2-20 +100 °C8205
5050.2-20 +100 °C82010
6100.17-20 +100 °C11207.6

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